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Partial Equipment List 

Professional Concert Sound Reinforcement System for small to med size events (Up to 1,000 seats indoors to 1,500 outdoors) 6,000 watts total RMS, 140 db plus output. Midas M32 & M32R digital mixing consoles w/ DL 32 (32x16) channel digital stage box. (1) 32 channel Midas F32 Analog console. (2) JBL double 18"subs, 147 db max output. (2) QSC KW 153's (3 way, 15", 6 1/2", 1.75") 140 db max output, Turbosound 15"x1" (1100 watts x 4, total 4,400 watts) powered coaxial floor monitors. Pro recording setup. UA Apollo 8p, Apple IMAC (16 gig ram, 256 SSD drive with external 512 SSD drive) & Mac Pro ( 64 gig ram, four 512 SSD drives). Unlimited tracks, Video & Music recording. Adam & Focal studio monitors and High End studio microphones. Much more. Fender Getty Lee custom jazz bass. Hammond SK 1-88 Keyboard.

dp ARTISTS Recording Studio 

We are currently in the completion phase of a new Professional High Quality Recording Studio & currently have a Concert Sound / Event production system for all of our "dp ARTISTS" (Christian Only) that we are mentoring, developing, and providing artist management to.

We will be offering a "Indie Label" and "Mastering" services for those who do not need, or want Christian artist development or management. The "Indie Label" is not offered to those who are under management. However, we do help them setup their own "Indie Label" if they choose too or seek out other labels.

Recording projects in the new facilities began in February of 2020. We are currently "Mastering" for Artists at this time. We have over 160 recordings that we are currently "Mastering" at this time at our current location. 

Below is some video examples of gear we currently own for Recording & Concert Sound.

Seeking Anointed Christian Artists & Speakers 

We are currently looking to add a few anointed artists and speakers to the "dp ARTISTS" lineup. It's about "HIM" Not us!

Management Requirements:  You must be a sold out, on fire Christian that lives the Biblical Christian life, ministry minded, Holy Spirit led, and is called of God to reach the world or region for his kingdom. This includes not only those who are musically inclined, but Speakers such as (Evangelistic, Prophetic & 5 fold ministries in general). Also those who have a strong biblically based sense of humor, who want to share Jesus Christ. Not seeking self glory.... but for "HIM" to be Glorified in that which you do. If interested, please first contact the owner & founder, then you can contact us through the below phone number or website for more details concerning your need or for more information. 

Mentoring & Development Requirements:  The desire to know & to serve Jesus Christ with your gift. 



Owner & Founder: Jesus Christ of Nazareth (777) YOU-PRAY


PRESIDENT / CEO / Artist Manager-Artist development: Perry Walters (918) 829-3878 

VICE PRESIDENT / Office Manager:  Debra Walters (918) 915-0879






Latest Track

Mastering over 150 songs (Complete collection) - TP 

To be completed @ May 15th 2020