dp ARTISTS Recording Studio

We are currently nearing the completion of a new Professional High Quality Recording Studio & currently have a Concert Sound / Event production system for all of our "dp ARTISTS" (Christian Only) that we are mentoring, developing, and providing artist management to.

There is "NO CHARGE" for the recording and mastering projects for our Artists & Speakers that we provide management too. We will be also offering a "Indie Label" and "Mastering" services for those who do not need, or want Christian artist development or management. The "Indie Label" is not offered to those who are under management. However, we do help them setup their own "Indie Label" if they choose too or seek out other labels.

Completion should be sometime near the end of January of 2020 for the new studio facility. Recording projects in the new facilities will begin in February of 2020. We are currently "Mastering" for Artists at this time. We have over 150 recordings we are currently "Mastering" at this time at our current location. 

Below is some video examples of gear we currently own for Recording & Concert Sound.

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